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Multi-effect fall-film evaporator
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¡öMulti-effect counterfolw, parallel flow, falling film evaporator series equipments, which are the special equipments for evaporating and concentrating in such industries as corn steep liquor, ferment sugar juice, fruit juice, drink, milk liquor, vinasse filtrate, pharmacy, fremented liquor, high concentration of organic or chemical waste water. It features energy-saving, short heating-time and is suitable for evaporating, concentrating the materials with high-viscosity and large concentration factor. Besides, it also can supply good quality of deionized water to meet the needs of industrial boiler water. This equipment also can be assembled into doulbe-effect, triple-effect, quadruple effect and fifth effect evaporation systems. It can make use of the waste steam on the top of tube bank or plate drier and other low heat-value sources as the heat source of evaporator and be a waste-heat evaporator, so that it will greatly decrease the consumption of raw steam to achieve the best energy-saving effect. When waste-heat steam can be offered fully, there will be no need of raw steam but also obtain the significant economic benefits.
Working principle:
Materials are distributed to each evaporator pipe evenly by distributor and flow as sprial film state from top to bottom under the action of secondary steam formed under the gravity and self-evaporation. Meanwhile, the material thin-film heat-exchange with outer tube steam to evaporate the water of materials. Steady temperature difference and heating area can produce steady water evaporation and then to form secondary steam which can be multi-used to maximize the using of heating-energy and reduce consumption of steam, so that to achieve the principle of multiple evaporation.

¡ñ Plate of distributor is sprial. Materials are distributed evenly. Liquids fall along tube inwall as film. It is most suitable for concentrating sugar materials.
¡ñ Top of evaporator is flat which is easy of cleaning and maintenace.
¡ñ If the production doesn¡¯t need lots of evaporation, we can change heat transfer area.
¡ñ Water-ring vacuum pump or water-jet pump can be selected as users¡¯ requirments.
¡ñ Condensed water can be recycled.
¡ñ When the evaporation is 3900kg/h, the consumption of steam is 1300kg/h.
¡ñ Heat dissipating capacity is lower, especially the secondary steam.
¡ñ Easy of opertaion; small land area.
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