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A reasonable selection of drying equipment to improve drying efficiency APIs
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In recent years, raw material drug importing countries on China's pharmaceutical enterprises in the manufacturing process put forward higher requirements and, therefore, certified the pharmaceutical industry to rapidly expand. Pharmaceutical raw materials, these authentication has focused on fine, dry, package post, so the logical choice for dryer is particularly important. When drying equipment selected according to drug characteristics, finished to achieve the ideal state may be, in particular, to consider the sterile bulk drugs and sterile drying equipment to ensure the material. At present, China's raw material medicine dryer types are more applicable to their own characteristics and different conditions.

¡ø vacuum drying oven for small trial production

Vacuum drying oven to a more ancient device, inside is heated plate divided into several layers. Heating plate which leads to hot water or low pressure steam as the heating medium, the shop is expected to be dry and drugs on the heating plate board, close the box, box with the vacuum pump vacuum. Heating plate in the heating medium circulation will be heated to specified temperatures medicines, water began to evaporate, and with the gradual vacuum pumped.

This device is easy to control, can be recovered by evaporation of the solvent condensation, drying process, drugs can not easily be contaminated, can be used in pharmaceutical dry, package materials and heat treatment on sterilization. In the last century 80's, bulk drugs industry, multi-purpose device as the main dryer, but because of hard-line cleaning of the feed plate (CIP) and on-line sterilization (SIP), slow drying, the workers labor-intensive, but also to achieve drug homogeneity, but also by mixing dry powder mixing device, and now largest producer of bulk drugs has been rarely used, mostly used in small scale production or package material heat treatment.

¡ø vacuum rotary dryer to take into account effects of the hollow shaft seal

Vacuum rotary dryer from the double cone blender, multi-device for the cylindrical body, tapered at both ends, also commonly known as the biconical dryer. There are two hollow central cone hanging shaft for rotating equipment, support and vacuum, hot water channel. Drugs in the dryer while drying side rotation, the entire batch of drugs to ensure a good homogeneity. Heat medium from one end of the hollow tube into the jacket, inside the heat with the other side of the hollow tube in the exhaust pipe emissions, and recovery of volatile solvents by condensation. This device 80s in the last century by the Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry developed a successful trial production of penicillin and antibiotics, the industry will soon be replicated across the country, many domestic manufacturers. Later, there uniaxial multi-dimensional rotary dryer rotary dryers, tilt-type rotary dryer and the like. This device is equipped with supporting vacuum system, solvent recovery systems, cleaning sterilization systems.

Because this device is simple, intermittent production, ease of adjustment, can be cleaning on-line and on-line sterilization, thereby becoming small and medium sized enterprises antibiotic drug of choice for raw material dryer, such as penicillin, lincomycin, chlortetracycline, caffeine, etc. can be selected. Equipment selection, the main consideration of the concentricity of two hollow shaft and hollow shaft sealing problems in order to ensure the smooth operation of equipment, concentricity requirement Shaft runout less than 0.01 mm, hollow shaft sealing effect is mainly to prevent pollution of lubricants or fillers drugs.

¡ø triple equipment needs to be improved the quality of domestically produced equipment

Triple Play refers to the filtration, washing, drying three processes, in the same device and, in the pharmaceutical industry is very representative. Triple-play equipment in the last century, 90 years after the rapid development of forms depending on the device is divided into belt, tank, such as several types of centrifugal.

Triple belt there are two step and continuous type, mainly filter with a different way forward, workflow exactly the same material from the ground floor in the filter feeder uniform belt, filter belt from dragging gear in the dryer move within. In the washing, leaching paragraph solvent washing, vacuum pumping cold recycling solvent liquor; dry hot air into the segment, vacuum removed and condensate recovery solvent. For large batch production output for good ventilation and drying of grain materials, finished dry evenly in the country of vitamin C and penicillin industrial applications are very broad. Because this device is relatively confined nature of poor, not well arrange cleaning on-line and on-line sterilization, it is only suitable for non-sterile bulk drugs and pharmaceutical intermediates dry. This device and filter feeder with a corrective device normal operation of the equipment plays a key role, while supporting facilities such as heaters, vacuum system, the equipment also has a great impact on yield.

For the pharmaceutical industry of such equipment is mainly imported or self-assembly of major components of imports, domestic use only such equipment in the chemical, food medicine and other industries, machine industries in recent years, drugs have generic companies, but the success in the pharmaceutical industry applications are rare.

Triple-play equipment, tank tank similar to a large pump filters, chassis sheet metal sintered filter, support plates and heating plate combination of the jar with jacket for heating and cooling, there can be up and down movement in the tank mix device, agitator for the hollow structure, which leads to media for heating and cooling, play a major role in the drying phase.

Materials into the device prior to leaching, then add some time soaking medium wash, cold smoke or pressure leaching to a certain degree of mixing, chassis, jacket at the same time pass into the heating medium, while vacuum drying, according to experience and sample after passing the stop and dry out the material from the discharge port. This device is stirring the most critical sealing and sintering plates, and the supporting equipment hydraulic system, vacuum system, heating and cooling units and so on. Because this device is fully enclosed, such as an additional automatic nesting systems, equipment can be CIP and SIP, it is ideal for sterile bulk drugs production.

In recent years, such devices have been widely used in penicillin-resistant sodium and semi-co-production. Into the 21st century, with the accelerated pace of GMP certification, China's machine industry, vigorously develop drugs or imitation of similar imported equipment, but because of machining accuracy and process control gaps in domestic triple-play equipment mainly used in non-sterile raw medicine production.

Three in one device is a centrifugal filter in the vertical centrifuge based on the increase in hot-air drying function, there are filter bags or metal plate and other means, the production process and triple-play is basically the same tank, only to draw dried into a centrifugal drying, can greatly reduce the production of a single batch of material time, but subject to restrictions on centrifuge hopper capacity, single-batch production capacity is limited, more suitable for medium and small batch production and use of sterile bulk drugs. Because this device can be placed in silos and drives were sterile indoor and outdoor, equipment repair do not need to enter sterile rooms, production and use very convenient. In recent years, the domestic raw material medicine industry has a joint venture to introduce such equipment, Taiwan has also come out imitation.

¡ø spray dryer for liquid materials

Spray dryer drying process is similar to air dry. After the initial filtration of air heated by the heater to produce hot air by a number of class filtering (according to pharmaceutical grade optional), and then in the drying room at the top of volute channel distributor hot air generated by the uniform rotation of air into the drying chamber. Materials are filtered through the centrifugal disc atomization or pressure nozzles, resulting in scattered, fine materials fog, fog and the swirl of hot material exposed to the air, the moisture rapidly evaporating, in a very short period of time materials are dry.

This device is suitable for solution, emulsion, suspension liquid, paste, liquid and other materials and good mobility liquid and dry bulk drugs industry is now producing streptomycin, gentamicin, and various bio-dried extracts can be selected this device. )

¡ø boiling bed to achieve CIP and SIP

Boiling bed in the drying process the drugs from the Ministry of bed to join him, hot air blowing from the bottom, and through the porous plate and the distribution of a certain material thickness of the material contact, the material was fluid, boiling point, flipping up and down in the air, mixing with each other with the collision, gas-solid contact between the large area to carry out intense heat and mass transfer, the larger increase of the drying rate and drying efficiency, is an ideal drying equipment. Some of the more wet and dry materials can be an indicator of water meet the requirements. Fluid boiling thermal efficiency. Residence time can be adjusted, easy to get low-moisture product. Size of the particles in the bed surface available grade, coarse-grain can be discharged from the bed, fine powder discharged from the dust collector. Some materials, bag dust removal can be done within the host (built-in), save area, simple structure, low investment.

This device is suitable for powder, granules, and wire, strip drying materials, equipment, fully enclosed, can be CIP and SIP, in the pharmaceutical industry, the production of antibiotics and the application of semi-synthetic antibiotics are very broad.

¡ø fluidized-bed thermal efficiency is high without dead

Fluidized bed is divided into a regular bed and vibration fluidized bed drying medicines are mostly affected by the mobility of selected vibration fluidized bed. Dryer exciting force generated by the vibrating motor to make the machine vibration, the material in a given direction under the action of the exciting force leap forward at the same time enter the hot bed of materials in a fluid state, the material particles and hot air full access to carry out violent mass Heat and mass transfer process, this time the highest thermal efficiency. On the negative pressure chamber at the micro-state, moist air from the suction fan leads, dry material discharged from the discharge port to achieve the desired drying effect.

This device is streaming uniform, no dead ends, uniform temperature distribution and thermal efficiency. Applies to particles, powder, strip, wire-like materials, dry stems, such as starch, glucose, and many high-volume production of pharmaceutical intermediates can be selected.

¡ø increase of freeze-drying machine powder mixing device to ensure uniformity

Vacuum freeze-drying machine for heat-sensitive or easily oxidized drugs, dry, commonly known as freeze dryers, mainly including freeze-dried case, vacuum system, heating system, cooling system. By shelf space can be divided into small-scale pilot freeze dryer, medium-sized production freeze dryers, large-scale industrial production freeze dryers. Bulk drugs and formulations of drugs are a lot of dry application of freeze dryers. Main demands of its high reliability, sterilization fully functional, the same shelf and board within the temperature difference between layers is not greater than 1.5 ¡æ, which also must demand better flatness shelf.

This device is used when the dry bulk drugs in order to ensure uniformity of products, the best increase in powder mixing device. Ampicillin, a large number of blood products, artificial cultivation of drugs, antibodies, vaccines are largely selected freeze dryer.

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